Sunday, December 30, 2018

Orchid of the day: Laelonia Dave's Dapper Dandee

Laelonia Dave's Dapper Dandee

This is a primary hybrid between Broughtonia negrilensis x Laelia crawshayana. I have posted about our Laelonia Dave's Dapper Dandee in November 2014, and twice in 2016, (January and December). This is another one of our collection that blooms regularly around the holiday season. This year, this orchid has produced the most flower ever. As the orchid grows, so does the length of the flower stem, making it a little bit difficult to house the orchid indoors during the cold weather. 

A) Indoors, December 16, only two flowers opened.

B) Notice the nectar droplets secreted by the flowers buds. Very sweet!

C) By Christmas day, another four flowers were in bloom.

D) Eight flowers are opened today and another three buds waiting to come.

E) The length of the flower stem in 32 inches or 81 cm.

F) Flowers up close.

G) In the upper left, there are the three flower buds.

I hope you found my post today enjoyable. Let's hope our seven year old Laelonia Dave's Dapper Dandee will continue to do well in years to come.

Until my next post, 'Happy 2019 everyone'.

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