Sunday, February 10, 2019

Orchid of the day: Cattleya walkeriana coerulea

Cattleya walkeriana coerulea

This is one of our regular bloomers, an orchid which originates from Brazil, specifically in the Minas Gerais region. I've posted about our Cattleya walkeriana coerulea for the first time on January 29th 2014, December 21st, 2014 and then again December 20th 2015.  By December 20th 2015, our Cattleya walkeriana coerulea grew too big for the piece of cork bark and so Arne had to split this orchid to another piece of bark. 

A) This photo was taken sometime in December last year. Two flowers were blooming then.

B) A closer look of an individual flower

C) Another one of the flowers up close.

C) A new flower stem developing to the right. We expect to see more flowers a little later in 2019.

D) By February 5th, the previous two flowers which bloomed in December, had withered and died. The flower and bud you see here are from the new flower stem (C above).

E) In a different light.

F) A day later, February 6th, the bud begins to open.

G) February 9th, both flowers in bloom.

H) These flowers have a citrusy scent and the fragrance are usually stronger in the evenings.

I hope you enjoyed the photos of our Cattleya walkeriana coerulea today. Until my next post, have a great week.

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